Mohammad Rahimi
UCLA 3563 Boelter Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tel. (310) 825-5274
Fax. (310) 206-3053

Mohammad Rahimi

I am actively looking for an industry position in the area of wireless networks and mobile phone technology.NEW!

I am currently a member of the research staff in the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS) at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My research interests include broad topics in application of mobile phone technology, wireless networks, network architectures, sensor networks, robotics, experimental testbeds and operational systems for scientific and social applications.


I developed GEOX. GEOX reveals regional interconnection by using location traces from mobile phones.

CS219 : Mobile Phones and Network Services Modeling and Analysis

I was the Co-instructor of the course, look out the course website for interesting projects.

Rewind : A CENS project which uses mobile phones for assisted recall.

I implemented a classifier on the phone to reject low quality images before uploading them to the server.


I designed and built Cyclops in collaboration with Agilent Technology.Cyclops is a camera sensor for Motes.

Deployment of Wireless Vision Network

We ran experiments to use a network of wireless Cyclops for asset tracking and population flow measurements.

Network of Low Power Vision and Environmental Sensors

We deployed network of wireless Cyclops for monitoring wildlife such as avians and reptiles.

Actuated Cyclops Network

We developed an actuated Cyclops network which uses actuation to calibrate its location and orientation.


I developed RoboMote in RESL Lab, Check out the page ...

Mote Based Environmental Sensors

I designed one of the first Mote based environmental sensors that commercialized by XBOW Technology.
We deployed environmental networked in James Reserve.

Adaptive Sampling for Environmental Robotics

As part of my PhD theses, I designed algorithms for aerial robots to intelligently collect environmental samples.